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5 - Solved Cannot connect to geoip api
My server is returning this error when attempting to grab the geoip api

Warning [2] file_get_contents(*.*.*.*): failed to open stream: Connection timed out - Line: 111 - File: inc/functions_extendeduseradmininfos.php PHP 5.5.9-1ubuntu4.9 (Linux)

It worked before, but not anymore. :\

thank you for your message. Unfortunately I cannot reproduce this error. If you edit your profile and give me your correct email address I can contact you for further informations.
Can't we use your forums mail system?

The server that my forum is hosted on cannot wget but another one of my server can.
So I'm not sure if your server has blacklisted mine or what...

Also the fireworks effects on your forum lag out my browser after leaving this page open for so long...

can you send me the IP of your server (this one where the the plugin does not work) via private message? Please add this message informations about your hoster.
I PM'd you my server IP... It cannot wget anything on the domain...
i am getting the same problem

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