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5 - Solved Bug Extended user info
I installed this plugin, activated it, and now I can not open any link on my site except Index and portal page. When so ever I try to open any page, it is totally blank.

Kindly tell me how can I get rid of this issue ?
I do not want to install each and every thing from zero.


thanks for your message. Unfortunately I can not recreate your problem. Please answer the following questions:

Are you using other plugins?
Does it works if you deactivate the plugin?
Are there any errors logged in the MyBB log files?

Thanks for your answer.
When I installed this I received an error that the file "extendeduseradmininfo.lang.php" didn't exist in the directory "/inc/languages/english". I moved the file from the admin folder into that folder and now it works. I'm not sure if there's a cleaner or safer way to do this, but for now it works. Thanks for the useful plugin and please get back to me on that.
Thank you for your message. I fixed the problem with the language files as splitting the files and seperate admin and profile languages.

You can download the new version (1.4.0) of the plugin in a few hours.

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